English Announcement on cocoroe

Welcome to our Cocoroe-art-therapy workshop

Please come and join our spiritual paintings workshop.
The workshop is based on our creative Cocoroe-program,emphasizing psychological effect.
Shohtarou Caneco started this unique
Cocoroe-program 20 years ago in Brussel , Belgium at first.
Since then,he has developed this program in  Sanpauro Bragil and then in Izu Japan when he had come backed to his hometown.
When you join our spiritual paintings workshop,all you have to do is draw the color picture on a sheet of paper as you feel not thinking anything,using Acrylic-color-paint.
Shoutarou Caneco or one of our instructors advise you how to approach the paintings.
We believe what is crutial is not the artistic value itself but the process of finding so called inner Yourself and real capable-Yourself through drawing a picture.
We hope you will have a great time at our open workshop here.
Thank you.

金子 昌太郎 プロフィール

こころ絵作家  こころ絵アートセラピスト  こころ絵カウンセラー  こころ絵アーティスト  こころ絵詩人など多岐に活動しています。

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